El Tour Operador Travel Mapu lleva más de 10 años  asistiendo los recorridos de turistas y viajeros con un servicio responsable, cómodo y seguro. Nuestro acceso exclusivo a rutas originarias te ofrecen experiencias únicas e intransferibles. Contáctanos y consulta por nuestros viajes.

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About us

About us


Travel Mapu has been assisting travelers on their original route routes for more than 10 years.

Somos Turismo
We are your tourist destination

We are the journey to unexplored places

We are transport
We are security, comfort and responsibility

We guarantee the best transfer for your crossings and transfers.

We are Origin
We are experts in native destinations

We are your best access to ancient cultures

Travel Mapu - Transport and Tourism

Travel Mapu takes you to unexplored places. Where the access to magic and nature merge.

Travel Mapu is a tourism company that deals with several business units including: Tourism Agency and Tour Operator Service. Founded in 2014 in Alto Bío Bio, it is a strategic partner of the Eco Park Peumayenko belonging to the Mapuche community El Avellano. Already 2017 is consolidated with tourist circuits within the Bío Bío Region. However, since that year Travel Mapu provides transportation and tourism services in various regions of Chile and also operating with international trips to the Copahue Hot Springs in the Republic of Argentina.

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