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Alto Bío Bio

Blue Dream


Visit Saltillo peumayenko waterfall and departure by boat to the Biobio trail and hot springs. Stay for at least 1 hour at the hot springs and back to Ruka peumayenko bonfire

Discover nature and pewenche culture at Alto Biobio through a journey along the Biobio river banks. Visit the Pewenche museum with its living Ralco displays and then visit the Pewemayenko Ecopark to admire the native forest and natural waterfalls and then navigate the waters of the artificial Pangue lake to arrive at the natural hot springs where at natural Biobío river pools you can submerge yourself in water at 30 degrees so your body will thank you. The program finishes with a pewenche style barbeque with side dishes and served in a traditional pewenche Ruka.


6:00 hrs. Departure from Concepcion
6:00 a 9:00 hrs. Arrival to Ralco
9:00 a 9:20 hrs. Ralco tour
9:20 a 10:00 hrs. Departure to Eco Park Peumayenko
10:30 a 10:30 hrs. Welcome to Eco Park Peumayenko
10:30 a 10:40 hrs. Start trail Karu Rupu (parallel)
10:40 a 13:30 hrs. Bio Bio dream blue circuit
13:30 a 15:00 hrs. lunch
15:00 a 15:40 hrs. Start Raru Rupu trail
15:40 a 18:15 hrs. Bio Bio blue dream circuit (parallel)
18:15 a 18:45 hrs. Food: Coffee / tea / mate, black soup, natural honey and jams.
18:45 a 22:00 hrs. Return to Concepcion

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